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 Lovin 'R' Paints

"Twoeyed Poco      Jackson"

APHA # 782,237
Chestnut Tobiano Colt
Born May 25, 2004
Sire: Poco Diego
Dam: Twoeyed QT

Jackson is sold and now lives at the 'Udder Place' in Truro, Nova Scotia.  Many thanks to John and Betty Blaauwendraat.  


"Royal Pocomotion"  

Black Tobiano Filly
APHA # 788,105
Born May 26, 2004
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Raven Silver Peach



"Poco Royal Banjo"

APHA # 782,176
Bay Tobiano Colt
Born May 27, 2004
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Sirlette's Starlet


 Banjo is sold and now lives at the very beautiful farm called the 'Udder Place' in Nova  Scotia with his buddy 'Jackson.' Thanks again to John and Betty and their family.


"Poco Jet Bar McCue"


APHA # 788,295
Bay Tovero Colt
Born May 29, 2004
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: GG Jet Bar McCue


"Lovin R Royal Chianti"


APHA # 782,174
Bay Tovero Filly
Born June 7, 2004
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Eloquent Chick

We were very hesitant to let this little girl go... but we got talked into selling her. She now lives and is loved in New Jersey, USA. Many thanks to Cliff and Renee Morgan! Renee says that Chianti gives the "best kisses".... sorry Cliff

2009- Chianti's all grown up!






Summer  2009 - Chianti is all grown now! Renee says she still gives the best kisses!




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