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 Nitro -June 4th"Gold Bug Bingo" aka "Nitro"

Palomino Solid Colt
APHA # # 883,806
Born May 13, 2006
Sire: Otoes Bingo
Dam: Gold Gypsy Dancer



Lukas at 3 weeks  old."Poco Royal Deja Vu" aka  "Lukas"

Bay Overo Colt
APHA # 862,383 
Born May 22, 2006
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal 
Dam: Friday Night Disco



Thank you Shelaine Christianson of Slave Lake, AB

Lukas at 14 months

 Thank you Shelaine for these great  update photos. Lukas is now called Doc and you can see in the photos that he really loves his new owner, Taylor. They look like they were made for each other. Doc is 3 years old in the pictures below and was not yet gelded. A real gentleman!

Poco Royal Deja Vu and Taylor... this is such a sweet picture!  Poco Royal Deja Vu and Taylor- Is this not love?


Cheyenne -June 23rd"Royal Razza Ma Tazz" aka "Cheyenne"

Black Tobiano Filly
APHA #  867,233
Born June 23rd, 2006
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Raven Silver Peach


 Roper on August 15th"Royal Apache Pride" aka"Roper"  

Bay Tobiano Colt
APHA # 862,381
Born May 20, 2006
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Sirlette's Starlet 


  Thank you Dwayne Crone of Amisk, AB

Roper - July 15th, 2007 Just a yearling!


 Abby at 2 months old

"Royal Apache Keepsake" aka "Abby"

Bay Tovero Filly
APHA #  867,294
Born June 15, 2006
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Eloquent Chick


Kahlua  at 2  weeks old - July3."Poco Kahlua N Cream"

aka "Kahlua"

Bay Tobiano Filly
APHA # 867,296
Born June 15th, 2006
Sire: Poco Diego
Dam: Poco Royal Lace




Teddy is just a few hours old - July 10th.

"Two Timing Teddy" aka "Teddy"

Chestnut Tobiano Colt
APHA #883,804
Born : July 10, 2006
Sire: Otoes Bingo
Dam: RDR Misteddysplash

SOLD  Thank you Yvette Paulson of Wawota, Sask



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