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"Royal Crown Jewels"   

aka "Mia"

Brown Tobiano Filly
APHA # 1,071,283
Born May 20th, 2017
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Moon Chief Jewel





If you are looking for a horse with size you might want to meet Mia. Mia has a full medicine bonnet and is all white except for a spot on her left side and a bit of black in her tail. She has a nice wide blaze. She looks black but is a nice seal brown color like her sire. 

This cross consistently produces our best foals. Her siblings have all matured in the 16hh range and have lots of bone. Royal Pocomotion is a full sister of this little gal. They have awesome friendly dispositions, beautiful conformation and great color. Her pedigree speaks for itself. Don't miss out on this little gal... she's a good one. 

Poco Bueno, Doc Bar  AND 5 time National APHA Champion Q Ton Eagle are just off her papers. 

Her bloodlines also include Chief Eagle, King, Eternal Sun, Royal King, My Texas Dandy, Plaudit, Bert, Tinky Poo, Tuffernhel, Triple Chick, Wimpy, Top Deck, Sugar Bars, Three Bars, Leo, Sonny Dee Bar, Croton Oil, Jesse James, Otoe and Grey Badger III.

Q Ton Eagle was inducted into the first APHA Hall of Fame.

 Click here to visit Mia's Page


"Apache Blue Magic"   

aka "Magic"

Blue Roan Filly
APHA # 1,071,284
Born May 25th, 2017
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Jackies Bar On Fire


Sold ~ Thank you Molly!


It is always exciting when we get a blue roan tobiano and Magic is no exception. She has a sweet little face, dark eyes and very unique markings. She will make a nice addition to anyone's mare band. Blue roan tobianos will always produce either a tobiano or a roan foal. 

Two Eyed Jack, Peppy San, King, Poco Bueno, Sugar Bars, Leo, Joe Hancock plus the great rope horse Driftwood Ike, and the legendary barrel horse sire, Magnolia Bar means this little girl should be very athletic, versatile and excel in whatever direction you want to take her. She's pretty enough to show and bred to go!  



"Smokin Hot Harley"  

aka "Harley"

Bay Tobiano Colt
APHA # 1,072,734
Born  May 29, 2017
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam:  Royal Apache Smoke Em





This a really nice little colt with color in just the right places. He has a nice blaze and snip plus a unique square patch on his neck. Harley has a champion pedigree and should be very athletic and versatile to go in any direction you might choose. He should mature 15.0 range. 

The famous Poco Bueno, Doc Bar  AND  2 World Champions - 

Impressor by Impressive are just off his papers. He is HYPP n/n. 

 Harley's pedigree also includes Lightning Bar, Three Bars, Texas Dandy, Leo, Joe Reed, King, Royal King, Old Tom Cat, Triple Chick, Vandy, Sugar Bars, Joe Reed, Oklahoma Star and many other champions. 

 Click here to visit Harley's page



"Stealing My Thunder"  

aka "Magnum"

Black Tobiano
APHA # 1,072,736
Born June 21, 2017
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Docs Lucky Twister

          Sold ~ Thank you Ryan!


Magnum is one of the nicest, flashiest colts we have ever had. He has awesome markings and is put together right. Beautiful head with  star, thin strip and a diamond snip on his nose. His ear color suggests that he may be a smoky black tobiano but we will wait for tests. He is a pretty big colt with lots of leg and nice conformation so he should mature to a good size. 

Magnum has a champion pedigree that speaks for itself. If you are looking for a horse that can work and turn some heads, don't miss out. 

Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, King, Leo, Sugar Bars, Joe Hancock, Three Bars, Root Beer Doc, Doc's Prescription and The Ole Man, Coy's Bonanza, Kilomax, King Leo Bar, Shock Em, Lazy Lucifer, Ed Echols, King Fritz, Leolita, Chicado V, Do Good, Croton Oil, Quincy Dan and Poco Tivio, Royal King, Top Deck.   



"Royal Apache Feather"   

aka "Shawnee"

Black Tobiano Filly
APHA # 1,072,2735
Born  June 24, 2017
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Two Eyed Apache Blue  






This is a really nice flashy filly that should be very athletic. It will be fun to watch her grow and fill out. Shawnee should finish in the 14.0-14.2 range. She would make a great 4-H project horse. 

 The famous Poco Bueno, Doc Bar are just off her papers. She is HYPP n/n.

Plus...Two Eyed Jack, AQHA's #1 All-Time Leading Sire of Champions, mixed with   Skipper W, Question Mark, Joe Reed, King, Peppy San, Poco Bueno, Driftwood Ike,    the famous roping horse by Driftwood, and Magnolia Bar, the famous barrel horse sire and son of Three Bars.

 Click here to visit Shawnee's page



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