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"They Call Me Mr Earp"

aka "Wyatt"

Solid Brown Colt
APHA #  1082719
Born June 3, 2018
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Royal Apache Smoke Em





He didn't get the paint job but he sure is put together nice. What he lacks in color will be made up in athletic ability. Wyatt has a champion pedigree and should be very versatile to go in any direction you might choose. He should mature 15.0 range. 

The famous Poco Bueno, Doc Bar  AND  2 World Champions - 

Impressor by Impressive are just off his papers. He is HYPP n/n. 

Wyatt's pedigree also includes Lightning Bar, Three Bars, Texas Dandy, Leo, Joe Reed, King, Royal King, Old Tom Cat, Triple Chick, Vandy, Sugar Bars, Joe Reed, Oklahoma Star and many other champions. 


 Click here to visit Wyatt's Page


"I Got Daddys Eyes"

 aka "Casper"

Bay Tovero Colt
APHA #  1082718
Born June 15, 2018
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Friday Night Encore

We were absolutely struck dumb when Chloe popped out this little guy. We have never had a foal that had so much white, so we couldn't help call this little guy anything other than Casper.

Note: Sept 7, 2019 - It is a very, very sad day! Casper has suffered a severe injury to his hock and he has been humanely put to rest. We suspect he was chased and attacked by coyotes or dogs. He will be missed.



"Apache Smoke N Fire"

 aka "Nutmeg"

Solid Blue Roan Filly
APHA #  1082742
Born June 20, 2018
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Two Eyed Apache Blue




Nutmeg has a solid black head with no blaze and the only white on her is a rear sock. She should be very athletic, versatile and have her parents awesome disposition. Nutmeg will mature about 14 -14.2hh. She would make a great 4-H project horse. She has a champion pedigree that is well worth a peek. Nutmeg is full sister to Royal Apache Feather, the black tobiano on our For Sale Page

Nutmeg's sire is a grandson of BOTH Poco Bueno and Doc Bar! 

Nutmeg's dam, Two Eyed Apache Blue has a champion pedigree - double bred Two Eyed Jack, AQHA's #1 All-Time Leading Sire of Champions, mixed with Skipper W, Question Mark, Joe Reed, King, Peppy San, Poco Bueno, Driftwood Ike, the famous roping horse by Driftwood, and Magnolia Bar, the famous barrel horse sire and son of Three Bars. We can't forget Joe Hancock donated that great roan color as well.  

 Click here to visit Nutmeg's Page




"Docs Last Twister"  

aka "Scout"

Bay Tobiano Colt
APHA # 1082720
Born June 22, 2018
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam:  Docs Lucky Twister



We are very sad to say that Scout has been an orphan since he was three days old. His     dam had to be euthanized after she developed an infection that would have left her in great pain. So Scout has been moved to our back yard area and has been fed on milk replacer all summer. We do not and will not spoil him ... and we can pretty well guarantee that he will be halter trained and people friendly. He is an awesome quick learning colt. 

Scout is a really nice big flashy colt.  has awesome markings and is put together right.   Beautiful head with a nice unique blaze. I think the markings on his neck look somewhat like a rearing horse. He is a pretty big colt with lots of leg and nice conformation so he should mature to a good size. 

Scout has a champion pedigree that speaks for itself and the last one of this cross. If you are looking for a horse that can work hard and turn some heads, don't miss out. 


Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, King, Leo, Sugar Bars, Joe Hancock, Three Bars, Root Beer Doc, Doc's Prescription and The Ole Man, Coy's Bonanza, Kilomax, King Leo Bar, Shock Em, Lazy Lucifer, Ed Echols, King Fritz, Leolita, Chicado V, Do Good, Croton Oil, Quincy Dan and Poco Tivio, Royal King, Top Deck.   


Click here to visit Scout's Page



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