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Hello! We are Ron and Glenda Deziel. We welcome you to our 'Home on the Web' and sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit. 

Lovin 'R ' Paints is located by Gadsby, Alberta, Canada. Gadsby is the smallest village in Alberta and is about 22km (12miles) east of Stettler.  


We fell in love with the paint horses many years ago and have worked to produce outstanding colorful foals with good working cow horse bloodlines - in particular Poco Bueno, King, and Doc Bar. 

When we started out, we could not find a paint horse in our area, with these great cowhorse lines up front in their pedigree. And certainly not a black and white. Always looking for a challenge, we started with one good bay paint mare and said that we were going to work to produce well colored paint foals with Poco Bueno and Doc Bar lines. We hope our foals will go on to become an asset in another farms breeding program. It is always good to have some foundation bloodlines to go back to. It's been an interesting journey so far - a few laughs, a few tears, a few sleepless nights. But overall it has been good!

Our lives revolve around our small but select mare band. We believe that good horses come from good horses.  We also believe that disposition and conformation is a must - color is a bonus! Colored or not, each one has their own personality that make them unique.

We have chosen to be a breeding farm only. We do not offer training, boarding or showing services - concentrating only on breeding and producing high quality foals.  After several back operations and finally a spinal fusion, Ron is limited in many of his activities. And as we are 'middle-aged teenagers' without family near, we have decided to keep things manageable without giving up our goals.  We have two stallions, which we bred and raised. The oldest is a solid brown breeding stock stallion, Lovin R Poco Royal, who is 25.51% Poco Bueno bred. He has both Poco Bueno and Doc Bar on his pedigree and he has been the foundation in our breeding program. We have also raised our own double homozygous black tobiano stallion, Royal Apache Tears. So, starting with a solid to producing color, meant that we had to learn a lot about genetics. It has been a fun and interesting journey! Every spring we know the possible outcomes of our breeding and we even bet with each other on what arrives. Whether we win or lose, we enjoy it and we are thankful that we are able to share our lives with these wonderful creatures!

We offer foals that are not only pleasing to the eye, but athletic, smart and eager to learn.  Foals that will become a willing partner for their owners and that they will be proud to own. Whether you are a breeder or want to show, or just like to spend your spare time trail riding, we invite you to look at our foals.


We wish to encourage everyone to follow your dream always!   




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