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Lovin 'R' Paints

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"Poco Royal Amber"

                aka "Amber"

Solid Buckskin Filly

APHA # 1.041,284
Born June 12, 2014
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Royal Apache Smoke Em





What do you get when you cross an Impressive bred black tobiano mare with a solid brown Doc Bar and Poco Bueno bred stallion? A really awesome buckskin! That is because Royal Apache Smoke Em aka Shadow is a smoky black and carries a hidden cream gene. There is a 50/50 chance of getting a buckskin from this cross. There is also a 50/50 chance for a tobiano foal and while Shadow didn't pass on her paint genetics, we are thrilled with this filly.  She has awesome conformation and is really put together nice.  Pictures and pedigrees speak for themselves. 

Amber will make a really nice addition to your herd. She is super friendly, smart, curious and nice to be around but due to our health problems this year, she has not been worked with and that is why we have priced her low. Amber would make a great project horse. She is a beauty!  

Two World Champions, Impressor and Impressive plus Poco Bueno and Doc Bar. She is hypp n/n. Good to show...good to go! 







    amber-22-june-2014-1-sm.JPG (87215 bytes) 

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amber-june-12-2014-2sm.JPG (83556 bytes)amber-june-12-2014-9sm.JPG (103274 bytes)amber-june-13-2014-3.JPG (134576 bytes)

  amber-june-12-2014-12sm.JPG (144758 bytes) amber-22-june-2014-5.JPG (183402 bytes)

  amber-july-12-14-13.JPG (144006 bytes)amber-july-12-14-4.JPG (195975 bytes)


amber-aug-20-15-1.JPG (83131 bytes) amber-may-26-17-1.JPG (203693 bytes) amber-twister-may-26-17-1.JPG (213070 bytes)

amber-june-30-17-1.JPG (320260 bytes) amber-june-1-2018-1.JPG (141464 bytes)

 amber-mia-june-15-2018.JPG (151568 bytes) amber-june-15-2018-1.JPG (268598 bytes)


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