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Pictures take a minute or two to load. We post a lot of photos so that you can see pretty well every angle. If you would like to see a specific view, then please email us. Thank you for your patience.


"I Got Daddys Eyes"aka "Casper"

Bay Tovero Colt
APHA # 1082718
Born June 15, 2018
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Friday Night Encore


For Sale     $1500. 


We were absolutely struck dumb when Chloe popped out this little guy. We have never had a foal that had so much white, so we couldn't help call this little guy anything other than Casper. He is all white except for a small patch of color that shows a bit on each side and runs under his belly. He has a few black hairs in the end of his tail. Two sky blue eyes really will make him a real head turner. We plan on having Casper tested to see if he is homozygous for tobiano as he think he may be. If so, the price will go up. If you are looking for a stallion prospect or an awesome parade horse that can work too, don't pass this guy up. 

Casper's has a pedigree that is of Champions, both APHA and AQHA. There are 12 AQHA Hall of Fame horses in his pedigree including 9 crosses to Poco Bueno, 14 crosses to King, 5 x Leo, 9 crosses to Three Bars plus  Royal King, Top Deck, Old Tom Cat, Steel Bars, Good, Eternal Sun, Leolita, Hard Twist and Cowboy P-12.




Click on the photos below to see a larger version.

casper-june-15-2018-3.JPG (381289 bytes) casper-june-15-2018-10.JPG (216324 bytes) casper-june-15-2018-13.JPG (303585 bytes) casper-june-15-2018-15.JPG (212508 bytes)

casper-june-15-2018-8.JPG (314967 bytes) casper-june-15-2018-16.JPG (202728 bytes) casper-june-15-2018-6.JPG (346167 bytes)

casper-july-1-2018-4.JPG (193139 bytes) casper-july-1-2018-8.JPG (122354 bytes) casper-july-1-2018-9.JPG (156475 bytes)

casper-july-19-2018-13.JPG (157955 bytes) casper-july-19-2018-14.JPG (212852 bytes) casper-july-19-2018-15.JPG (196169 bytes) casper-july-19-2018-16.JPG (196320 bytes)

 casper-july-19-2018-22.JPG (185344 bytes) casper-july-19-2018-31.JPG (212749 bytes) casper-july-19-2018-19.JPG (346793 bytes)

casper-july-19-2018-30.JPG (197402 bytes) casper-july-19-2018-2.JPG (192302 bytes) casper-july-19-2018-3.JPG (192328 bytes) casper-july-19-2018-6.JPG (167005 bytes)

casper-sept-30-2018-1.JPG (243499 bytes)  casper-sept-30-2018-2.JPG (253037 bytes) casper-sept-30-2018-6.JPG (165299 bytes)  


We will be adding more photos - so please check back.