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Lovin 'R' Paints

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"Poco Chiquitita" 

                aka "Chic"

Solid Black Filly

APHA # 01093487
Born June 28, 2019
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Royal Apache Smoke Em


SOLD ~ Thank You Joyce P.    


This cross really has produced some awesome foals and a variety of colors - bays, buckskins, browns and now a solid black. No white except a wee tiny spot on her upper lip that we found after she shedded out!  She may be a smoky black like her dam but right now Chic is a beautiful shiny black.

Chic was born right up on her legs. She is nice and straight and it will be a treat to watch her grow. Chic is sure to be flashy and will look good in any color blanket. She is bred to work and if she is like her siblings, she will be a willing partner and have lots of talent to go in many directions. 

Two World Champions, Impressor and Impressive plus AQHA Hall of Famer's Poco Bueno and Doc Bar are close up in her pedigree.

Chic loves to run and it is awesome to watch her trying to get a race going with the other foals. She may be in the last group coming in from the pasture but she is first at the line. Awesome to watch her 'change gears' and race to the front of the line!

She is hypp n/n. Good to show...good to go!



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chiquitita-june-28-2019-10.JPG (211189 bytes) chiquitita-june-28-2019-1.JPG (316004 bytes) chiquitita-june-28-2019-3.JPG (227076 bytes) chiquitita-june-28-2019-11.JPG (348553 bytes) chiquitita-june-28-2019-9.JPG (595540 bytes)

  chiquitita-june-30-2019-1.JPG (238582 bytes) chiquitita-june-30-2019-2.JPG (207360 bytes) chiquitita-june-30-2019-3.JPG (295200 bytes)

chiquitita-july-2-2019-1.JPG (224291 bytes) chiquitita-july-2-2019-3.JPG (220511 bytes) chiquitita-july-2-2019-4.JPG (257750 bytes) 

chiquitita-aug-13-2.JPG (223081 bytes) chiquitita-aug-13-4.JPG (292630 bytes) chiquitita-aug-13-5.JPG (235427 bytes)

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chiquitita-aug-13-13.JPG (439739 bytes) chiquitita-aug-13-14.JPG (329246 bytes)

chiquitita-sept-20-2019-1.JPG (228817 bytes) chiquitita-sept-20-2019-2.JPG (258108 bytes) chiquitita-sept-20-2019-3.JPG (249116 bytes) chiquitita-sept-20-2019-4.JPG (262669 bytes)

chiquitita-sept-20-2019-6.JPG (238705 bytes) chiquitita-sept-20-2019-7.JPG (272299 bytes) chiquitita-sept-20-2019-8.JPG (276668 bytes)  

chiquitita-apr-16-2020-2.JPG (346544 bytes) chic-mollie-apr-16-2020-2.JPG (258623 bytes) chiquitita-apr-16-2020-3.JPG (343948 bytes) chiquitita-apr-16-2020-5.JPG (434923 bytes)

chiquitita-apr-16-2020-10.JPG (302852 bytes) chiquitita-apr-16-2020-12.JPG (345315 bytes)

chic-june-10-2020-3.JPG (900249 bytes) chic-june-10-2020-1.JPG (293436 bytes) chic-june-10-2020-2.JPG (315673 bytes)

chic-june-10-2020-4.JPG (246751 bytes) chic-june-10-2020-5.JPG (263161 bytes)


We will be adding more photos - so please check back.