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Pictures take a minute or two to load. We post a lot of photos so that you can see pretty well every angle. If you would like to see a specific view, then please email us. Thank you for your patience.

"Smokin Hot Harley" aka "Harley"

Bay Tobiano Colt
APHA # 1,072,734
Born May 29, 2017
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Royal Apache Smoke Em




First baby boy of the year and he is a beauty. This a really nice little colt with color in just the right places. He has a nice blaze and snip plus a unique square patch on his neck. He will definitely turn some heads.  Harley has a champion pedigree and should be very athletic and versatile to go in any direction you might choose. He should mature 15.0 range. 

The famous Poco Bueno, Doc Bar  AND  2 World Champions - 

Impressor by Impressive are just off his papers. He is HYPP n/n. 

  Harley's pedigree also includes Lightning Bar, Three Bars, Texas Dandy, Leo, Joe Reed, King, Royal King, Old Tom Cat, Triple Chick, Vandy, Sugar Bars, Joe Reed, Oklahoma Star and many other champions. 



Click on the photos so see a larger version.

 harley-may-29-17-7.JPG (285201 bytes)  harley-may-29-17-11.JPG (248282 bytes) harley-may-29-17-12.JPG (255981 bytes)   

harley-11-jun-17-4.JPG (213599 bytes) harley-11-jun-17-8.JPG (206627 bytes) harley-june-21-17-2.JPG (95363 bytes) harley-june-21-17-5.JPG (103416 bytes) 

harley-july-23-17-7.JPG (158763 bytes) harley-july-23-17-18.JPG (125578 bytes)  harley-july-23-17-9.JPG (162768 bytes) harley-july-23-17-12.JPG (263493 bytes)

mia-harley-july-23-17-2.JPG (193852 bytes) harley-july-23-17-8.JPG (172186 bytes) mia-harley-july-23-17-3.JPG (202179 bytes)

harley-aug-14-2017-2.JPG (138705 bytes) harley-aug-14-2017-10.JPG (168676 bytes) harley-aug-14-2017-11.JPG (342863 bytes) harley-aug-14-2017-12.JPG (153888 bytes)

harley-aug-14-2017-13.JPG (174752 bytes) harley-aug-14-2017-4.JPG (196681 bytes) harley-aug-14-2017-7.JPG (210830 bytes) harley-aug-14-2017-9.JPG (210073 bytes)

harley-aug-18-2017-3.JPG (159054 bytes) harley-aug-18-2017-4.JPG (176574 bytes) harley-sept-3-2017-8.JPG (184206 bytes) harley-sept-3-2017-9.JPG (167577 bytes)

harley-sept-3-2017-10.JPG (209337 bytes) harley-sept-3-2017-12.JPG (175356 bytes) harley-sept-3-2017-13.JPG (160500 bytes)

 harley-apr-29-18-1.JPG (241294 bytes)  harley-apr-29-18-6.JPG (132154 bytes)  harley-apr-29-18-5.jpg (275373 bytes)

 mia-harley-shawnee-apr-29-18.JPG (170535 bytes)  harley-june-1-2018-4.JPG (137796 bytes) 

harley-june-15-2018-1.JPG (263756 bytes) harley-june-15-2018-2.JPG (227948 bytes) harley-june-15-2018-3.JPG (254874 bytes)

We will be adding more photos - so please check back.