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 "Poco Royal Jolena" aka "Josie"

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"Poco Royal Jolena"

aka  "Josie"

Black Tobiano Filly
APHA # 0106819
Born: June 9th. 2016
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Royal Pocomotion


SOLD ~ Thank you Oxana E., Ont.

Another fancy filly and she is a looker!  Josie has a nice wide blaze, a heart on one side and a spot on the other plus a tail that has a white horizontal stripe to it. She is nice, big and flashy.  She is one of the biggest foals we have had- much the same as her grandsire, Royal Apache Tears, when he arrived, so she should mature in the 15.2 - 16hh range. She should be very agile and athletic like the famous cow horses before her. A good mix of cow horse and speed should make this little gal really versatile. 

Doc Bar is just off her papers as is Poco Bueno.... very close after 60 years!  

Josie's bloodlines also include 16x King, 7x Three Bars, 9x Poco Bueno, 10x Leo, 3x Top Deck, 2x Royal King, 2xSteel Bars, 2x Old Tom Cat, Joe Hancock, Hollywood Gold, Go Man Go, Good, Eternal Sun, Leolita, Hard Twist, Cowboy P-12 and Bold Ruler (TB).  

Update - In September last fall, Josie came in from the field with her right hind leg "de-gloved". The vet could not stitch and so from the end of September all through the cold winter, we bandaged her leg twice a week... 8 months of bandaging! We used pure honey on our bandaging and this worked awesome. The leg has healed together with not too much proud flesh. Josie is healthy otherwise. The cut was for the most part a hide cut and did not cut deep into her flesh. The cut was located between the hock and fetlock so we were lucky that way. We are selling her as brood mare sound as she does have some scarring. She runs, bucks and can act just as silly as the rest, but she does pick that leg up higher when she walks. The price we are asking doesn't nearly cover vet and bandaging for that many months. 




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We will be adding more photos - so please check back.