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"Apache Blue Magic"  

aka "Magic"

Blue Roan Tobiano Filly
APHA # 1,071,284
Born May 25, 2017 
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Jackies Bar On Fire


 Sale Pending 



It is always exciting when we get a nice blue roan tobiano and Magic is no exception. She has a sweet little face with a nice star and wee snip, dark eyes and very unique markings. Her tail is black at the top and a tip at the bottom. 

 We think we made a good choice when we purchased Jackies Bar On Fire. The people who sold her to us just called her Blue and she knew her name, so there was no need to change it. She's a nice mare to have in the band... she's an easy keeper, good hard feet and she gets along with everyone. Blue has an excellent pedigree to boot. On the top side, she's double bred Two Eyed Jack, AQHA's #1 All-Time Leading Sire of Champions, mixed with Skipper W, Question Mark, Joe Reed and King. On the bottom are the great cowhorse lines of Peppy San, Poco Bueno, Driftwood Ike, the famous roping horse by Driftwood, and Magnolia Bar, the famous barrel horse sire and son of Three Bars. We can't forget Joe Hancock as well. Combined with the bloodlines of Royal Apache Tears, we knew we would get an awesome colored foal that should be very athletic and versatile. She will also make a nice addition to anyone's mare band. Blue roan tobianos will always produce either a tobiano or a roan foal.


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