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"Stealing My Thunder"  

aka "Magnum"

Black Tobiano Colt
APHA # 1,072,736
Born June 21, 2017
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam:  Docs Lucky Twister


Sale Pending   

Magnum is one of the nicest, flashiest colts we have ever had. He has awesome markings and is put together right. Beautiful head with  star, thin strip and a diamond snip on his nose. His ear color suggests that he may be a smoky black tobiano but we will wait for tests. He is a pretty big colt with lots of leg and nice conformation so he should mature to a good size. 

Magnum has a champion pedigree that speaks for itself. If you are looking for a horse that can work and turn some heads, don't miss out. 

Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, King, Leo, Sugar Bars, Joe Hancock, Three Bars, Root Beer Doc, Doc's Prescription and The Ole Man, Coy's Bonanza, Kilomax, King Leo Bar, Shock Em, Lazy Lucifer, Ed Echols, King Fritz, Leolita, Chicado V, Do Good, Croton Oil, Quincy Dan and Poco Tivio, Royal King, Top Deck.   





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magnum-june-30-17-3.JPG (351396 bytes) magnum-june-30-17-14.JPG (400823 bytes)

magnum-july-16-17-8.JPG (107414 bytes) magnum-july-16-17-9.JPG (69754 bytes) magnum-july-16-17-11.JPG (137966 bytes)

magnum-july-16-17-15.JPG (68804 bytes) magnum-july-16-17-17.JPG (177419 bytes)

magnum-july-30-2017-2.JPG (149636 bytes) magnum-july-30-2017-3.JPG (164368 bytes) magnum-july-30-2017-9.JPG (234069 bytes) magnum-july-30-2017-11.JPG (87517 bytes)

magnum-aug-13-17-2.JPG (438388 bytes)  magnum-aug-13-17-5.JPG (215862 bytes) magnum-aug-13-17-4.JPG (196894 bytes)

magnum-aug-13-17-7.JPG (213347 bytes) magnum-aug-13-17-6.JPG (132828 bytes) magnum-aug-13-17-9.JPG (178561 bytes)

magnum-sept-3-2017-3.JPG (223367 bytes) magnum-sept-3-2017-7.JPG (193455 bytes) magnum-sept-3-2017-6.JPG (245577 bytes) 

magnum-sept-3-2017-9.JPG (174985 bytes) magnum-sept-3-2017-11.JPG (215077 bytes) magnum-sept-3-2017-15.JPG (186718 bytes)

We will be adding more photos - so please check back.