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Lovin 'R' Paints


Pictures take a minute or two to load. We post a lot of photos so that you can see pretty well every angle. If you would like to see a specific view, then please email us. Thank you for your patience.


 "Major Crown Royal"

aka "Major"

Black Tovero Colt 
APHA # 01093435
Born July 2, 2019
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Moon Chief Jewel

       SOLD ~ Thank you Black Creek Farm, BC    



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 Wow! This colt but just so awesome! Black head with two striking blue eyes! This cross has always produced beautiful, correct and athletic foals, but we think Major is one of Jewels best foals ever! 

This cross consistently produces our awesome foals. His siblings have all matured in the 16hh range and have great conformation and really sweet dispositions. They are easy to work with and are very athletic. Majorís dam is 17 now and her sire is 21 years old, so there isnít going to be many more chances to get a colt like this in the future. He will make someone a great working partner and is definitely a good stallion prospect. As a tovero, he will produce color 80% of the time. 

Major's pedigree speaks for itself-

Poco Bueno, Doc Bar  AND 5 time National APHA Champion Q Ton Eagle are just off his papers. Q-Ton Eagle is one of the first horses inducted into the APHA's new Hall of Fame.  

His bloodlines also include Chief Eagle, King, Eternal Sun, Royal King, My Texas Dandy, Plaudit, Bert, Tinky Poo, Tuffernhel, Triple Chick, Wimpy, Top Deck, Sugar Bars, Three Bars, Leo, Sonny Dee Bar, Croton Oil, Jesse James, Otoe and Grey Badger III.


Sept 20th, 2019 - 

Major is growing quickly and will be a very big boy! Here he is standing between his older sister Mia on his right and his dam on his left. His legs and the length of his canon bone are already as long as his sister's. If you are looking for a nice straight big colt, don't miss your chance on this colt! 






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 major-july-2-2019-10.JPG (235240 bytes) major-july-2-2019-15.JPG (299274 bytes) major-july-2-2019-14.JPG (256203 bytes)

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 major-sept-20-2019-5.JPG (205759 bytes) major-sept-20-2019-16.JPG (278449 bytes) major-sept-20-2019-6.JPG (239789 bytes) 

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 major-june-10-2020-2.JPG (197793 bytes) major-june-10-2020-10.JPG (319824 bytes) major-june-10-2020-3.JPG (263786 bytes) major-june-10-2020-6.JPG (276150 bytes)

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We will be adding more photos - so please check back.