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Please be patient. The pedigrees take a few seconds to load due to the amount of information

on them but they are definitely worth a look! 


  Two Eyed Apache Blue - 


"Pepper" is a blue roan tobiano mare. Her sire is our 16hh black tobiano stallion Royal Apache Tears and her dam is our blue roan Jackies Bar On Fire listed below. Pepper got everything except height as she is only about 14hh. She doesn't seem to be passing that on to her young as her bay roan colt yearling is taller than she is. Pepper will always produce either a roan or a tobiano foal so she is a great addition to any breeding herd. She is an excellent mother. The blue roan color comes from her Joe Hancock bloodlines. Combine those with these Hall of Famer's - Two Eyed Jack, Peppy San, King, Poco Bueno, Sugar Bars, Leo plus the great rope horse Driftwood Ike, and the legendary barrel horse sire, Magnolia Bar.  She has been bred to Lovin R Poco Royal for 2020.



Sold ~ Thank You Molly for finding Pepper a great home at 

Brigadoon Paints in Lac La Biche, AB



Spirit is 3 years old - June 2007Royal Pocomotion -   "Spirit" was sired by Royal Apache Tears. She has a huge hip and is well over 15HH.  When she was just a year old, she was taller than the other 2 year olds! She has the speed and agility, and all that great color! Her bloodlines include 8x King, 5xThree Bars, 4x Poco Bueno, 5 x Leo, 2x Top Deck, plus Royal King, Joe Hancock, Hollywood Gold, Go Man Go, Steel Bars, Old Tom Cat, and Bold Ruler. Good lines, sweet disposition and great color.  



Sold ~ Thank You 

Crossed Pistol Paints at Bluffton, AB



Chloe is just coming two years old!Friday Night Encore  

"Chloe" is a bay tovero. Finally... after so many colts, Disco gave us a filly. We certainly didn't expect one that is so similar in markings. She has the same solid ear as her mother and the other ear is white on the outside and brown on the inside - just like Mom's. Also the same dark spot on the lip and roan patch on her belly! Her sire is Lovin R Poco Royal, our solid brown stallion. We have given her the name Chloe for a 'barn name' as we kept thinking she looks like a clone of her mother. Her pedigree is full of Champions, both APHA and AQHA. There are 12 AQHA Hall of Fame horses in her pedigree including 5 crosses to Poco Bueno, 8 crosses to King and 7 crosses to Three Bars.  

 Sold - Thank you Janet E. at Langley, BC.

SEE EXTENDED PEDIGREE                         

Like daughter! Disco and Chloe 2005Disco and Chloe Aug 1, 2005Chloe and Dooley - May 1, 2009







"Blue" - July 3, 2008

"Jackies Bar On Fire" 

We are so pleased to be able to add this sweet little blue roan filly to our mare band, "Blue" is a 2006 model and while she looks to be pretty stocky, she still has some growing to do. She has an excellent disposition and is very laid back. She is a true blue roan with no greys in her pedigree.

Her pedigree includes Peppy San, Poco Bueno, Sugar Bars, Skipper W, Magnolia Bar plus 2x Two Eyed Jack, 6x King, 6x Joe Hancock, 2x Driftwood, 9x Joe Reed, 2x Leo, 4x Three Bars and many, many more.  




 Jackies Bar On Fire - 2 years oldBlue is nice and straight.

Sold ~ Thank You Molly for finding a great breeding home with

Dawn T.  at Bentley, AB




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