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Lacy - 2006 Poco Royal Lace -  

"Lacy" was our first foal and has been our 'girl' ever since. Her sire is line bred Poco Bueno and King. Lacy's dam also had Poco Bueno bloodlines. Lacy is the dam to Lovin R Poco Royal, our solid bay stallion  and Royal Apache Tears, our black and white tobiano stallion. She is Herda  Tested -  n/n  


Lacy is 27 years old now,  and she just lost her buddy, Spash. We need to find a companion for her.


Teddys First Kiss as a yearlingTeddys First Kiss

 We have decided to keep Kiss back in our brood mare band. Her dam is twenty years old now and Kiss may be one of the last fillies from Splash. Kiss has such a unique blaze that comes down from the corner of her left eye and the bottom looks almost like a lightning bolt off on an angle. She has a few white eyelashes that look pretty cute. Kiss seemed like a fitting name for her. Her sire is Royal Apache Tears and her dam is, RDR Misteddysplash, a grand-daughter of Teddy's Splash, an APHA Lifetime Leading performance and halter sire, raised at the well-known Reisinger Farms in Iowa. Splash is also a daughter of well-known APHA Champion, Mr Faceman. 

Included in her pedigree are such famous horses as Painted Eternal, Eternal Sun, Three Bars, Tonto Bars Gill, Top Deck, Sir Teddy, Sirlette , Skipper W, Painted Robin, Leo, King, Joe Hancock, Oklahoma Star, Poco Bueno, in addition to Royal King, Old Tom Cat, Steel Bars, Good, Leolita, Hard Twist and Cowboy P-12.  Kiss had an awesome black tovero filly this year. She has been rebred to Lovin R Poco Royal for a 2020 foal. 



 S old ~ Thank you Janet E. at Langley, BC




Raven Silver Peach -  

"Peaches" is a gorgeous black tobiano.  She carries the bloodlines of Bold Ruler, Tippy Canoe, Truly Truckle, Steel Bars, Tinky Poo, Joe Hancock, Silver Jingo, Three Bars, King, Hollywood Gold, Oklahoma Star Jr. and Painted Joe.  "Peaches" has consistently produced awesome black tobianos for us. She is a wonderful mother.   

 Sold  ~ For Reference only  





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