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Lovin 'R' Paints

 "Pocos Denim N Lace"  aka "Maya"

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"Pocos Denim N Lace"  

aka "Maya"

Bay Tobiano Filly 
APHA #01062818
Born June 11, 2016 
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Moon Chief Jewel



Sold...Maya will be moving to Ontario

... Thank you Emily G.



Maya is a beautiful filly with both excellent conformation and color. She sports a full medicine bonnet and two blue eyes, complete with dark eye liner. Her markings are very evenly matched with two completely white front legs and high stockings in the rear. She looks like she is wearing britches! 

Breeding Jewels to Cisco has been a magical cross for us. Beautiful foals with beautiful conformation and color. They have all had awesome temperaments and are friendly and quick to learn. Jewels is a super Mom and she really loves her babies. Some mares let their foals wander and leave the 'babysitters' in the herd to do the work. But Jewels always keeps her foals with her, nuzzles them often and talks to them... and she manages to keep eating at the same time! 

Maya's pedigree speaks for itself-

Poco Bueno, Doc Bar  AND 5 time National APHA Champion Q Ton Eagle are just off her papers. Q-Ton Eagle is one of the first horses inducted into the APHA's new Hall of Fame.  

Her bloodlines also include Chief Eagle, King, Eternal Sun, Royal King, My Texas Dandy, Plaudit, Bert, Tinky Poo, Tuffernhel, Triple Chick, Wimpy, Top Deck, Sugar Bars, Three Bars, Leo, Sonny Dee Bar, Croton Oil, Jesse James, Otoe and Grey Badger III.

Maya will finish in the 15.2 - 16hh range  She is going to be very versatile - from halter and western pleasure to reining and working cowhorse events.


  maya-july-3-2016-9.JPG (108929 bytes)

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 maya-july-10-2016-3.JPG (90234 bytes)    josie-maya-july-10-2016-1.JPG (93475 bytes) maya-aug-8-16-1.JPG (185915 bytes)  

 maya-josie-may-11-17-1100_1347.JPG (147860 bytes) maya-may-5-17-3.JPG (962310 bytes) maya-may-5-17-5.JPG (522872 bytes)  maya-jun-4-2017-7.JPG (95636 bytes) josie-maya-june-4-17-7.JPG (106576 bytes) josie-maya-june-4-17-4.JPG (113775 bytes) josie-maya-june-4-17-5.JPG (240420 bytes)

josie-maya-june-4-17-6.JPG (157725 bytes) josie-maya-june-4-17-2.JPG (164233 bytes) 



We will be adding more photos - so please check back.