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 "Royal Crown Jewels"

aka "Mia"

Brown Tobiano Filly 
APHA # 1,071,283
Born May 20, 2017 
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Moon Chief Jewel

       For Sale   $1500.


We were pleasantly surprised when Mia arrived. She has the conformation that always is so consistent from this cross, but she sure is different as far as color goes. She is all white except for an awesome medicine bonnet, one spot on her left side and a bit of black in the tail. She has some light color about her eyes and muzzle so we suspect that she will be that beautiful seal brown color of her sire... but she may shed out black. Time will tell.

This cross consistently produces our awesome foals. Her siblings have all matured in the 16hh range and have great conformation and really sweet dispositions. They are easy to work with and are very athletic. Miaís dam is 15 and her sire is 19 years old, so they isnít going to be many more fillies like Mia in the future. She will make someone a great working partner and a super asset later as a brood mare. As a tovero, she will produce color 80% of the time. 

Mia's pedigree speaks for itself-

Poco Bueno, Doc Bar  AND 5 time National APHA Champion Q Ton Eagle are just off her papers. Q-Ton Eagle is one of the first horses inducted into the APHA's new Hall of Fame.  

Her bloodlines also include Chief Eagle, King, Eternal Sun, Royal King, My Texas Dandy, Plaudit, Bert, Tinky Poo, Tuffernhel, Triple Chick, Wimpy, Top Deck, Sugar Bars, Three Bars, Leo, Sonny Dee Bar, Croton Oil, Jesse James, Otoe and Grey Badger III.




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 mia-may-26-17-22.JPG (174909 bytes) mia-may-26-17-23.JPG (165223 bytes)  mia-may-26-17-21.JPG (212823 bytes)

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mia-harley-june-21-17-1.JPG (138564 bytes)  mia-june-21-17-1.JPG (108075 bytes) mia-harley-june-21-17-2.JPG (95121 bytes) mia-june-21-17-2.JPG (115830 bytes)

mia-harley-july-23-17-2.JPG (193852 bytes) mia-july-23-17-1.JPG (193159 bytes) mia-harley-july-23-17-3.JPG (202179 bytes) mia-july-23-17-2.JPG (217653 bytes)

mia-aug-14-2017-10.JPG (218227 bytes) mia-aug-14-2017-2.JPG (200270 bytes) mia-aug-14-2017-5.JPG (163860 bytes) 

 mia-aug-14-2017-11.JPG (196735 bytes) mia-aug-14-2017-9.JPG (200666 bytes) 

mia-aug-18-2017.JPG (238031 bytes) 

Mia is just 3 1/2 months old and almost as tall as her dam. She's going to be a big sweetie!

mia-sept-3-2017-1.JPG (159393 bytes) mia-sept-3-2017-5.JPG (159402 bytes) mia-sept-3-2017-2.JPG (173411 bytes) 

We will be adding more photos - so please check back.