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"Teddys Bliss"  

aka "Mollie"

Black Tovero Filly
APHA # 01093436
Born July 14, 2019 
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Teddys First Kiss


 SOLD ~ Thank you Laurin H. from Quesnel, BC of 

Well we have done a few name changes on this pretty little gal. At first we gave her the barn name, Layla, so that I could get the pictures named. Then when we went to get her registered, we found in APHA that "Good Golly Miss Molly" wasn't used. When I filled out the forms on line, it would not take the name so I changed it to "Good Golly Ms Mollie" and it accepted that. So... I went and renamed all her pictures and thought I was done. But 30 years ago, someone registered a mare 'Good Golly Msmolly' and APHA used our second choice. I begged and pleaded but because they sound the same, they would not allow us to have the name even if the original mare was likely deceased. But that isn't a big deal when we have this awesome, beautiful filly! 

Kiss is a good mother and very proud and protective of her baby.  She tries to keep her close, but Mollie is just too curious, full of spunk and thinks she's special. And she is! We have been reluctant to sell Kiss as she was the only filly from RDR Misteddysplash that we kept back. Splash is now 23 years old. Kiss had the first foal of the year and so her rank in the herd went from near bottom to pretty well the top. She likes that a lot! LOL! And Mollie, being the oldest foal, is really the instigator when it comes to racing around the pasture, the 5 pm rodeo, exploring everything that moves (or doesn't) and actually thinks she can boss the others. She is very curious and comes up to check us out without any hesitation. 

Mollie is a very flashy filly. She has a baby doll head with a nice wide blaze. Her right eye is blue and the left eye is partial blue. The color is in just the right places.  She is good and strong and has a champion pedigree. Mollie would make an awesome addition to your paint mare band as being a tovero means she will produce color 80% of the time. She will produce tobianos, overos, toveros and solids. 




Mollie’s bloodlines include: AQHA Hall of Fame horses Doc Bar and Poco Bueno, Teddy’s Splash, an APHA Lifetime Leading performance and Halter sire, APHA Champion Mr Faceman, Painted Eternal, Eternal Sun, Three Bars, Tonto bars Gill, Top Deck, Sir Teddy, Sirlette, Skipper W, Painted Robin, Leo, King, Joe Hancock, Oklahoma Star, Royal King, Old Tom Cat, Steel Bars, Good, Leolita, Hard Twist and Cowboy P-12. That is a lot of talent and a champion pedigree!   



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mollie-sept-20-2019-9.JPG (222110 bytes) 

mollie-june-10-2020-2.JPG (319714 bytes) mollie-june-10-2020-5.JPG (281937 bytes) mollie-june-10-2020-3.JPG (370909 bytes) 

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