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Please be patient. The pedigrees take a few seconds to load due to the amount of informationon them but they are definitely worth a look!

Diego has been sold - This page is for reference only.


Diego - Snoozin' in the sun. May 2005 "Poco Diego" aka "Diego"

(APHA # 620,974)  Diego is a bay tovero stallion born May 24, 2001 and stands 14.2 HH. His sire is our solid brown APHA stallion, Lovin R Poco Royal and his dam is Friday Night Disco. He has a powerful pedigree, full of Champions, both APHA and AQHA. There are 12 AQHA Hall of Fame horses in his pedigree including 5 crosses to Poco Bueno, 8 crosses to King and 7 crosses to Three Bars. Diego comes with great color! Beautifully put together and marked with a full medicine bonnet...he is definitely a looker! One blue eye complete with dark liner...he's got it all! Diego has a tremendous willing attitude and a gentle nature. He loves attention...and oats- not necessarily in that order. He likes to pick up that green tub and rattle it on the rail to tell us to hurry up with the grub! This fellow is without a doubt, one of the best we have ever had and he has really won our hearts! While not a tall horse, with his natural athletic ability and speed, he can run circles around the rest!


SOLD ~ Thank You Randy L.

Diego has been producing color 78.6% of time when bred to our colored mares. When bred to a solid mare, you would have a 50% chance of getting a colored foal. You could get a tobiano, overo, tovero or a solid foal. 


Poco Diego - 4 yrs old.


Poco Diego - 2 yrs old.



These are Diego's foals-

"Twoeyed Poco Jackson" - 2004-Chestnut Tobiano colt out of Twoeyed QT

Poco Calypso - 2005 Bay Tobiano Filly out of Twoeyed QT

Poco Indigo 2005- Solid Brown Filly out of Poco Royal Lace

Twoeyed Poco Jackson  2004

Poco Calypso  2005

Poco Indigo 2005

Poco Paige -2006-  Bay Tobiano filly out of Twoeyed QT

Poco Kahlua N Cream - 2006- BayTobiano filly out of Poco Royal Lace

Poco By Design - 2007 Black tobiano colt out of Poco Royal Lace

Poco Paige  2006

Poco Kahlua N Cream  2006

Poco By Design - 2007

Whos Callin The Spots - 2008 Bay Solid Filly out of RDR Misteddysplash

Pistol Packin QT 2008- Chestnut tobiano colt out of Twoeyed QT

Poco Wakina Sky - 2009- Chestnut Tobiano Filly out of RDR Misteddysplash

Whos Callin The Spots   2008 

Pistol Packin QT 2008

Poco Wakina Sky   2009

Gen Poco Sassberry -2009 Minimal Chestnut Overo Filly owned by Genesis Farms

'Takoda' 2009 Loud Bay Overo Colt owned by C. Hamilton

Pocos Gun Ho To Go - 2009 Minimal Bay Overo Colt out of Poco Royal Lace

Gen Poco Sassberry  2009

'Takoda' 2009 

Pocos Gun Ho To Go  2009

Twoeyed Poco Cowboy -2010- Bay Solid Colt out of Twoeyed QT

Royal Black Beret - 2012 - Black Medicine Hat Tovero Colt out of Poco Royal Lace

2014 Bay tobiano filly out of Poco Royal Lace

TTwoeyed Poco Cowboy  2010-

Royal Black Beret  2012

Poco Skeeter  2014





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