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Q Ton Eagle has been inducted into the first group of horses in the

        APHA  Hall of Fame 2012... Celebrating 50 years!


Q Ton Eagle

Above From Paint Horse Journal - August 1997

"Q Ton Eagle is a very highly regarded Paint Horse stallion who has contributed much to the Paint Horse. He is a sorrel tobiano with a beautiful quarter-type head; deep, powerful muscles of the thigh, stifle, and gaskin; and a style about him that shows his good Quarter Horse breeding. He is by Freno (AQHA 62,306) by My Texas Dandy, Jr, by My Texas Dandy. The dam of Freno was Gill Cattle Company mare No. 71 by Bear Hug. Q Ton Eagleís dam is Q Ton Dixie Alpha by Bear Cat (AQHA 3,501). Q Ton Eagle has the distinction of having won six national championships. He was named National Champion Aged Stallion in 1964 and again in 1966. Also in 1966 he was named National Champion Senior Reining Horse and Reserve National Champion Get of Sire. In 1968 and 1969 he added the title of National Champion Get of Sire. The achievements of Q Ton Eagle are overshadowed only by the accomplishments of his get. Through 1973 he had sired one Supreme Champion, six APHA Champions, Fourteen National and Reserve National Champions and fifteen Register of Merit Qualifiers. Since the true value of a sire lies in his offspring, then the performance and halter records of his get are evidence of this stallionís prepotency and would fill page after page of this book." Excerpt from "The American Paint Horse" - "The Great Sires" by Glynn W. Haynes - 1976.