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Pictures take a minute or two to load.  We post a lot of photos so that you can see pretty well every angle. If you would like to see a specific view, then please email us. Thank you for your patience.


"Docs Last Twister"  

aka "Scout"

Bay Tobiano Colt
APHA # 1082720
Born June 22, 2018
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam:  Docs Lucky Twister



SOLD ~ Thank you Jozef B.


Scout is a really nice flashy colt. He has awesome markings and is put together right. Beautiful head with   a nice unique blaze. He is a pretty big colt with lots of leg and nice conformation so he should mature to a good size. 

Scout has a champion pedigree that speaks for itself. If you are looking for a horse that can work and turn some heads, don't miss out. 



Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, King, Leo, Sugar Bars, Joe Hancock, Three Bars, Root Beer Doc, Doc's Prescription and The Ole Man, Coy's Bonanza, Kilomax, King Leo Bar, Shock Em, Lazy Lucifer, Ed Echols, King Fritz, Leolita, Chicado V, Do Good, Croton Oil, Quincy Dan and Poco Tivio, Royal King, Top Deck.   


Sadly Scout lost his mother when he was just three days only. This is his story so far:

Scout's dam was a very well bred buckskin QH mare. She came in a few weeks before her foal was due with a nice ugly wire cut on her hind leg just below the hock. It certainly was not the worst cut we have seen over the years - more of a hide cut than anything else. We could not give her any medications as she was only a week or two away from foaling. We washed her daily and treated her with topical ointments, but a couple days after Scout arrived, we found a lump on her hock. The outside had started to heal nicely, but she had developed an infection in the joint. Our vets came out and thoroughly checked her out including x-rays. They said that she would never be sound and would have been in pain, so we had her euthanized. Scout was just three days old. Ron had milked Twister and made sure he had colostrum. When our vets were watching Ron trying to get Scout to take a bottle rather than a large syringe, our vet said that the way he held his head, he just might learn to drink from a bucket. We have never had an orphan foal in all our years of breeding paints, so we had raced to town and got nipples, bottles, calf pail, milk replacer and a variety of items that have never been used. We mixed his milk replacer as per directions and put it in an 'ice cream' pail. Scout stuck his nose in there and there has been no turning back since then. He has never called, cried or pouted at all. He nickers quietly when he hears the door opening and meets us at the bottom of the step for his feeding. We have had to come up with a temporary baby gate as Scout followed us right up the steps and onto the deck after his first feed. It has been a heart-breaking time losing Twister and a rude awakening for two seniors to have to go back to two hour feedings of a newborn, but it has gone so far really well! Ron put a halter on Scout and brought him up to the back yard. Ron calls it the 'dog run' but it is an area we fenced off for a Great Dane, so it is about 100 x 120 ft not the 8 x10' that most people picture when you say dog run. He mowed the outside only and is leaving the center area to grow. It hasn't taken Scout long to go for a good run back and forth after he eats. He only covers about a third of it but he is just 12 days old now. Today we started him with a small amount of foal starter. He already has learned to drink water from the tub. We are being very careful to not spoil him. We do not let him bump us when he's hungry and we are now being careful that he doesn't go running past us and kicking out. Foals do that to their mothers when they want to be fed, or they run ahead and then cut them off trying to get mom to stop and feed. It is important that Scout knows that we are not horses and he is not a human. We hope to introduce him to our old mares so that he learns horse manners from them. Horse manners are best taught in the field by the old gals and it gives time to play and make friends. We hope Scout will get a chance to spend some time in the herd. We can pretty well guarantee that Scout will be halter trained and people friendly. We will post updates as to how he is doing as he progresses. Right now he is doing awesome and is a real sweetheart! 

SEPT Update- It has been a long summer and we can finally say that our boy is weaned. We chose to keep to 4 hour feedings until the end of Aug and then went to weaker solutions at 6 hours. Scout is a tank! He has been spending the past month with a two year old mare and has learned how to be a horse and continues to be a very quick learner. 

     scout-july-1-2018-1.JPG (270658 bytes) 

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 scout-june-22-2018-1.JPG (287290 bytes) scout-june-22-2018-4.JPG (317541 bytes) scout-june-22-2018-7.JPG (361895 bytes) scout-june-22-2018-13.JPG (291704 bytes)

scout-june-23-2018-1.JPG (425608 bytes) scout-june-23-2018-2.JPG (447632 bytes) scout-june-23-2018-4.JPG (342614 bytes)

scout-july-1-2018-11.JPG (385461 bytes) scout-july-1-2018-17.JPG (397599 bytes) scout-july-1-2018-18.JPG (354259 bytes) scout-july-1-2018-19.JPG (334483 bytes)

scout-july-1-2018-5.JPG (419443 bytes) scout-july-1-2018-7.JPG (406468 bytes) scout-july-1-2018-9.JPG (487983 bytes) 

scout-july-20-2018-19.jpg.JPG (174312 bytes) scout-july-20-2018-right.jpg.JPG (216419 bytes) 

scout-july-21-2018-1.jpg (196479 bytes) scout-july-21-2018-2.JPG (105678 bytes) scout-july-21-2018-3.JPG (113561 bytes)

 scout-july-22-2018-8.JPG (227777 bytes) scout-july-22-2018-1.JPG (148231 bytes) scout-july-22-2018-7.JPG (187727 bytes)

scout-july-22-2018-2.JPG (373884 bytes) scout-july-22-2018-3.JPG (225816 bytes)

scout-aug-18-2018-23.JPG (181198 bytes) scout-aug-18-2018-3.JPG (79915 bytes) scout-aug-18-2018-10.JPG (197400 bytes) scout-aug-18-2018-12.JPG (176637 bytes)

scout-aug-18-2018-22.JPG (149001 bytes) scout-aug-18-2018-18.JPG (190105 bytes) scout-sept-9-2018-4.JPG (330931 bytes)

scout-aug-19-2019-3.JPG (278368 bytes) scout-aug-19-2019-5.JPG (220522 bytes)


We will be adding more photos - so please check back.