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Lovin 'R' Paints


Pictures take a minute or two to load.  We post a lot of photos so that you can see pretty well every angle. If you would like to see a specific view, then please email us. Thank you for your patience.


"Royal Apache Feather"   

aka "Shawnee"

Black Tobiano Filly
APHA # 1,072,735
Born June 24, 2017
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Two Eyed Apache Blue


  Sold ~ Thank you Joyce P.


This little gal is such a cutie! Pepper really emptied the paint can on her. She is going to be very flashy and a head turner for sure! We have enjoyed watching this little girl grow and fill out.   She should be very athletic, versatile and have her parents awesome disposition. Shawnee will mature about 14 -14.2hh. She would make a great 4-H project horse.

Pepper is a true blue roan tobiano mare and is a great addition to our band as she will either pass on a tobiano or a roan gene and thus her foals will always be either a tobiano or a roan.  Shawnee is a lovely black tobiano and will be heterozygous as her sire Lovin R Poco Royal  aka "Cisco" is our awesome seal brown solid paint stallion.   

Shawnee's sire is a grandson of BOTH Poco Bueno and Doc Bar! 

Shawnee's dam, Two Eyed Apache Blue has a champion pedigree - double bred Two Eyed Jack, AQHA's #1 All-Time Leading Sire of Champions, mixed with Skipper W, Question Mark, Joe Reed, King, Peppy San, Poco Bueno, Driftwood Ike, the famous roping horse by Driftwood, and Magnolia Bar, the famous barrel horse sire and son of Three Bars. We can't forget Joe Hancock donated that great roan color as well.  


Click on the photos so see a larger version.

 shawnee-17-06-24-15.JPG (210574 bytes) shawnee-17-06-24-13.JPG (171787 bytes) shawnee-17-06-24-7.JPG (474189 bytes)

  shawnee-july-16-17-9.JPG (152628 bytes) shawnee-july-16-17-13.JPG (134030 bytes)  shawnee-july-16-17-18.JPG (75943 bytes)  

shawnee-july-16-17-15.JPG (265481 bytes)  shawnee-july-16-17-10.JPG (205007 bytes) shawnee-july-16-17-19.JPG (83258 bytes)

 shawnee-july-16-17-17.JPG (72415 bytes) shawnee-july-16-17-3.JPG (156744 bytes) shawnee-july-16-17-20.JPG (264047 bytes)

shawnee-july-23-17-3.JPG (216083 bytes) shawnee-july-23-17-8.JPG (187111 bytes) shawnee-july-23-17-9.JPG (184919 bytes)

 shawnee-july-23-17-10.JPG (275432 bytes) shawnee-july-23-17-22.JPG (201120 bytes) shawnee-july-23-17-17.JPG (252766 bytes)

 shawnee-july-23-17-12.JPG (273848 bytes) shawnee-july-23-17-20.JPG (151483 bytes) shawnee-july-23-17-25.JPG (300825 bytes)

shawnee-aug-14-2017-11.JPG (247094 bytes) shawnee-aug-14-2017-2.JPG (185285 bytes) shawnee-aug-14-2017-3.JPG (166995 bytes) 

 shawnee-aug-14-2017-6.JPG (172695 bytes) shawnee-aug-14-2017-5.JPG (217234 bytes) shawnee-aug-14-2017-4.JPG (168439 bytes) shawnee-aug-14-2017-8.JPG (203136 bytes)

shawnee-sept-3-2017-4.JPG (221531 bytes) shawnee-sept-3-2017-9.JPG (209127 bytes) shawnee-sept-3-2017-10.JPG (170133 bytes) shawnee-sept-3-2017-11.JPG (227510 bytes)

shawnee-apr-29-18-1.jpg (303486 bytes)  shawnee-june-1-2018-2.JPG (150073 bytes)  shawnee-mia-apr-29-18.jpg (217728 bytes)

   shawnee-june-1-2018-5.JPG (136666 bytes) shawnee-june-15-2018-3.JPG (201494 bytes) shawnee-sept 9-2018.JPG (242054 bytes)

shawnee-sept-30-2018-4.JPG (217249 bytes) shawnee-sept-30-2018-3.JPG (227754 bytes)



We will be adding more photos - so please check back.