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 Lovin ‘R’ Paints

Ron and Glenda Deziel

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Alberta T0C 1K0

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Stallion Service Contract


Date of Arrival: _________________________, ________


Name of Mare__________________________________ Reg.  No ____________________ Age________


Sire & No_________________________________ Dam & No__________________________________


Please attach a copy of this mares registration papers to the contract.



1.        I,____________________, hereby agree to breed the  above mentioned mare to the Stallion:   (   one)


______    LOVIN R POCO ROYAL     APHA # 483, 577    DARK BAY/BROWN SOLID



for the _______ Season, at the $450.00 breeding fee, with a non-refundable booking fee of $100.00 payable with this contract and the balance paid when the mare is picked up.


2.        Lovin ‘R’ Paints (Ron and Glenda Deziel ) agrees to  diligently try to settle my mare; if however, for any reason she does not settle, I will hold them harmless.  In compliance with this, if they are unable to settle her, I will not be charged any balance on the breeding fee other than the $100.00 Booking Fee, Veterinary Fees (if any) and the board.


3.        The mare shall be in sound and healthy breeding condition, free from infections, contagious or transmittable diseases.


4.        Lovin ‘R’ Paints guarantees a live foal to stand and nurse.  Should my mare abort or the foal be born dead, I will notify Ron and Glenda Deziel, within 48 hours and furnish a Veterinarian statement within 21 days, of such occurrence.  It is agreed that should my mare fail to produce a live foal, I have the privilege to return her for breeding during current season or the following year and will be charged mare care only plus GST.  Any and all fees shall not be refundable.


5.        I agree to pay mare care  at the rate of $6.00 a day dry, or $8.00 a day wet. I understand that no mare will be released until the stud fee, board, and veterinary expense have bee paid in full.


6.        Mares and foals will be carefully supervised and afforded the best care possible.  However, I understand that Lovin ‘R’ Paints and Ron and Glenda Deziel, will not be responsible for accidents, sickness or death to my mare or foal, and that they will exercise their own judgment in caring for her (them).I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain mortality insurance on the mare and/or foal if desired.  I agree full responsibility for any Veterinary expense incurred by my mare or foal. It is also understood that I, likewise, will not be held responsible for any disease, accident or injury to the above stallion. I also understand that they will breed my mare by any method that they believe best for my mare.


7.        Should the stallion die, be sold or become unfit for service, this contract shall become null and void and all money paid as part of this service shall be refundable.  This does not include vet fees or mare care.


8.        I understand that a “Breeder’s Certificate” will be issued upon notification of the birth of the foal, providing that all fees have been paid.


9.        I hereby acknowledges that under the Stable Keeper’s Act, Lovin ‘R’ Paints has the right to lien the mare for the agreed breeding and boarding fees as well as veterinary, farrier and any other expenses related to the well being of the mare and/or foal while she/they were under the care and protection of Lovin ‘R’ Paints until such time as all fees are paid in full.


10.     This contract is non-assignable and non-transferable in the event that the mare is sold or otherwise disposed of prior to the birth of the foal; the “Live Guarantee” will no longer be valid.


11.     I understand that mares that are not halter broke will not be accepted.


12.     I agree to pay GST on all fees.


13.     This contract is entered into the province of Alberta and will be interpreted and enforced under the laws of the province of Alberta.


14.     Additional Conditions: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


15.     This contract represents the entire agreement between both parties. No other agreement or promise, verbal or implied, is involved unless specifically stated in this written contract.    When the stallion owner signs and returns a copy of the contract to me, it will be binding on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions.


I have read the above and agree to the stated conditions.


                                                                                                                        Date:            /          /

Mare Owner’s Signatures (as it appears on the papers)                           



Address: ____________________________________



Postal Code    _________________



Telephone:    Home: ______________________Work: __________________________



                                                                                                                         Date:          /          /

Ron and / or Glenda Deziel – Lovin ‘R’ Paints


Make cheque payable to Ron and Glenda Deziel

It is recommended that the mare be wormed and vaccinated for influenza within 60 days of arrival.