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Pictures take a minute or two to load.  We post a lot of photos so that you can see pretty well every angle. If you would like to see a specific view, then please email us. Thank you for your patience.


"Dazzlin Apache QT"  

aka "Taku"

Black Tobiano Filly
APHA # 01093987
Born June 24, 2019
Sire: Royal Apache Tears
Dam: Poco Royal Dazzlin QT


    Sold ~ Thank You

Crossed Pistol Paints

Bluffton, AB 

This little filly has been a long time coming. After many tries, Shiloh has finally had the baby she has wanted. This mare has silent heat cycles and will not show to the stallion at all. The stallion would say yes and Shiloh said no way! We finally waited til we thought the time was right, gave her a shot of lutalyse and waited three days. She stood once for Monty and that was all it took. Shiloh has been an awesome babysitter over the years and finally she has her own. She is one proud mama! 

Taku has two blue eyes - the one on the left side is very blue and the right side is partial blue just like her sire. She has lots of bone and should be a tall horse like her parents. Taku has a very unique marking on her left side. Tons of color and no doubt she will be a friendly horse like her dam. 

We will be testing her for homozygous as she has some extra small spotting. 




Click on the photos so see a larger version.

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taku-july-2-2019-7.JPG (585076 bytes) taku-june-25-2019-14.JPG (191190 bytes) taku-july-2-2019-9.JPG (249699 bytes)

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taku-sept-20-2019-1.JPG (245262 bytes) taku-sept-20-2019-11.JPG (252169 bytes) taku-sept-20-2019-12.JPG (228397 bytes)

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 taku-sept-20-2019-8.JPG (247277 bytes) taku-sept-20-2019-6.JPG (264663 bytes) taku-sept-20-2019-9.JPG (188995 bytes) 

taku-apr-16-2020-1.JPG (300918 bytes) taku-apr-16-2020-2.JPG (274342 bytes) taku-apr-16-2020-3.JPG (296832 bytes) taku-apr-16-2020-5.JPG (306998 bytes)

taku-june-10-2020-3.JPG (269861 bytes) taku-june-10-2020-4.JPG (285011 bytes)  

taku-june-10-2020-7.JPG (282348 bytes) taku-june-10-2020-8.JPG (184136 bytes) taku-june-10-2020-6.JPG (368288 bytes)


We will be adding more photos - so please check back.