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Lovin 'R' Paints


Pictures take a minute or two to load.  We post a lot of photos so that you can see pretty well every angle. If you would like to see a specific view, then please email us. Thank you for your patience.


"They Call Me Mr Earp" aka "Wyatt"

Solid Bay Colt
APHA #  1082719
Born June 3, 2018
Sire: Lovin R Poco Royal
Dam: Royal Apache Smoke Em



SOLD ~ Thank you Jalisa K.



This a really nice well bred colt that is just missing the paint job. He has a nice wee star and snip on the end of his nose that looks like the number 1. He will definitely turn some heads.  Wyatt has a champion pedigree and should be very athletic and versatile to go in any direction you might choose. He should mature 15.0 range. 

The famous Poco Bueno, Doc Bar  AND  2 World Champions - 

Impressor by Impressive are just off his papers. He is HYPP n/n. 

  Wyatt's pedigree also includes Lightning Bar, Three Bars, Texas Dandy, Leo, Joe Reed, King, Royal King, Old Tom Cat, Triple Chick, Vandy, Sugar Bars, Joe Reed, Oklahoma Star and many other champions. 


  wyatt-june-15-2018-17.JPG (194514 bytes)   

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wyatt-june-5-2018-12.JPG (164087 bytes) wyatt-june-5-2018-11.JPG (209167 bytes) wyatt-june-5-2018-1.JPG (176466 bytes) 

wyatt-june-5-2018-17.JPG (202555 bytes) wyatt-june-5-2018-13.JPG (228125 bytes) wyatt-june-5-2018-16.JPG (192708 bytes)

wyatt-june-5-2018-23.JPG (274537 bytes) wyatt-june-5-2018-25.JPG (210457 bytes)  wyatt-june-15-2018-12.JPG (185325 bytes)

 wyatt-june-15-2018-3.JPG (277395 bytes) wyatt-june-15-2018-16.JPG (220882 bytes)  wyatt-june-15-2018-4.JPG (282542 bytes)

wyatt-june-15-2018-10.JPG (294280 bytes) wyatt-july-8-2018-4.JPG (180854 bytes) wyatt-july-8-2018-6.JPG (150032 bytes) wyatt-nutmeg-july-8-2018-2.JPG (168213 bytes)

wyatt-july-19-2018-1.JPG (180068 bytes) wyatt-july-19-2018-12.JPG (181788 bytes) wyatt-july-19-2018-16.JPG (232149 bytes) wyatt-july-19-2018-17.JPG (225627 bytes)

wyatt-july-22-2018-2.JPG (245000 bytes) wyatt-july-22-2018-1.JPG (236959 bytes) wyatt-july-22-2018-3.JPG (230623 bytes)

wyatt-july-22-2018-4.JPG (227180 bytes) wyatt-aug-25-2018-6.JPG (199618 bytes) wyatt-sept-30-2018-1.JPG (255048 bytes)

wyatt-sept-30-2018-2.JPG (237611 bytes) wyatt-sept-30-2018-3.JPG (287715 bytes) wyatt-sept-30-2018-4.JPG (205164 bytes)


wyatt-apr-16-2020-1.JPG (323061 bytes) wyatt-apr-16-2020-23.JPG (529647 bytes) wyatt-apr-16-2020-17.JPG (285953 bytes)

wyatt-apr-16-2020-24.JPG (442477 bytes) wyatt-apr-16-2020-9.JPG (299630 bytes)

wyatt-june-10-2020-1.JPG (254986 bytes) wyatt-june-10-2020-4.JPG (249370 bytes) wyatt-june-10-2020-2.JPG (236138 bytes)

wyatt-june-10-2020-6.JPG (200165 bytes)


We will be adding more photos - so please check back.